Live in My Light

But if we live in the light, as God does, we share in life with each other. And the blood of His son washes all our sins away.

1John 1:7

When you carry around sins, it is like carrying a backpack filled with rocks. The rocks are called shame, guilt, self-pity, jealousy, and even hatred. As times goes on, your pack gets heavier and heavier, pulling you down.

Give it to Me, all of it. Tell me your sins and hand over that back pack. I want to dump out all the heavy rocks. Then I want to fill your back pack up again with love, mercy, joy, and peace. Instead of weighing you down, these things will lift you up and make your journey easier.

Don’t be embarrassed to bring your sins to me. I already know all about them, and I’m just waiting to forgive you. That is why I died on the cross-to take the punishment for your sins. Don’t live in the darkness of sin. Live in the light of My forgiveness.

Read on your own

Isaiah 61:10; John 8:12

Article written by Sarah Young