Evangelism, Missions and Outreach


MIssions and Outreach

The goal of our missions dept is to reach out to believers and non believers, locally and internationally who are in need,We are to bring encouragement and to share the love of Christ and His word as well as meet practical needs such as food, clothing, medical and school supplies.
We will continue to assist those in need in different regions of Kenya by sending clothing, medical supplies and Bibles.
On a local level we will connect with other local missions to reach out and support those in need – such as serving food at the City Missions, collecting and donating food for food pantries, reaching out to the residents of nursing homes,  or serving widows & widowers by helping them with yard care.
Here is what I came up with and ran it by Helen to see if I was on the rite track. Please correct or make any changes or additions as you see needed.
God bless you.