Our leadership team



Pr. Ben Kangethe , Senior Pastor

Ben Kangethe is the Senior Pastor at Gospel Outreach Center. He attended Midwest Baptist Seminary for Pastoral and Leadership Studies. He is married to Monica Kangethe and they have been blessed with three Children.

Pastor Ben Kangethe is passionate about ordinary people discovering and living a life of purpose through accomplishing their dreams and callings. He unpacks truths & training that help people discover their purpose, teaching them to pursue their dreams and live a full, passionate life of faith. He has ministered to people from different walks of life. He believes that everyone possesses hidden treasure that is valuable only when it is discovered. He believes that you can be more than you are, go farther than you have, and reach higher than you ever thought possible despite your past

Through his ministry,  Gospel Outreach Center that has had an impact on local and international communities offering support for food banks, orphanages, and homeless shelters, Tragedy & Storm recovery while also equipping and developing leaders.

His hobbies are playing golf, video editing and meeting new people.

 We also have Elders and Deacons helping the Senior Pastors care for the congregation.


About Monica Kangethe

Monica Kangethe – A Life of Purpose

Out of the Ashes—A Life of Purpose

By Amy Holmquist (’09) Posted in http://www.mnu.edu/newsroom/article/out-of-the-ashes-a-life-of-purpose

March 11, 2014
Monicca Kangethe 2
It all started in a hospital room at the University of Kansas Medical Center. The course of Kenyan native and RN to BSN student Monica Kangethe’s life was altered by one doctor’s appointment.  A parents’ worst nightmare came to life as the word “cancer” crossed the doctor’s lips.



Our Elders

As a Non-Denominational Church, we are congregationally governed, which means it is “free” from governmental or outside control.  The Elders are appointed to serve the congregation through spiritual oversight and leadership, seeking to truly honor and reflect the Lordship of Christ over His Church.


Our Deacons

The word deacon derives from the biblical Greek word “diakonos” meaning “servant.”  The deacons of our church serve the Lord by serving the needs of others and providing leadership for their particular area of service.  We are blessed at Gospel Outreach Center to have such a dedicated group of servants who ask for nothing in return but the honor of serving Jesus by serving His people.